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The Sea is Captive in a Drop of Water

Based in Dubai, RAINCATCHER Technologies enjoys a strategic location to efficiently cover some of the world driest areas concerned by drought & water preservation, desertification & reforestation, CO2 Sequestration and Food resiliency. Our local facilities gathered our main offices, the production centre, a training centre, a R&D development department including laboratory.

The RAINCATCHER Solution is not a simple hydrogel that can be placed under a plant to save water. It is the interdependent combination of 3 components that are Technology, Expertise, and Engineering. It is only thanks to their management that RAINCATCHER is able to answer a wide range of problems of the partners it is working with. Climates, soil, crops, existing equipment… are varying from one project to another. One universal solution is not possible. Nature offers a great diversity and it is our role to adapt our answer accordingly.

This is how in most cases, and after the appropriate preliminary analysis, from an identified desired effect (water saving vs yield growth) we apply efficiently one of the formulations of our Technology accordingly to our Expertise and thanks to our Engineering. This is how we can solve many challenges in any geographical locations on any types of crops.


Become the world leader in Water Intelligence to empower CO2 Sequestration and Food Security


1/ Place water and its management at the centre of all solutions
2/ Establish and develop Water Intelligence via reliable solutions
3/ Design, Develop and provide to our partners efficient hydrogel-based technologies, responsible expertise and advanced engineering


- Reliability: Design precision products and services based on specific water problematics
- Innovation: Maintain R&D as a cornerstone to continue to develop unique-of-the-kind machines for the application of hydrogel technologies and consolidate the greatest expertise
- Environment: Propose environmentally friendly solutions to re-create a maximum of green spaces in the world

Continuous R&D

We face divers problematic with different partners in various areas which fosters a constant innovation for our products, services and engineering.

Bespoke solutions

If we do not already have it we will create it for you. Nature diversity is gigantic and our job is to think, design and propose you the most appropriate solutions accordingly to your situation (type of climate/plants/soils…).

Unique-of-the-kind engineering

We design our engineering specifically to an identified aim. The tools we developed are solely adapted to our products, services and expertise. They are unique-of-the-kind and patented by the company.

From Small to Big Scale Solutions

Our young company has already conceived solutions to face water challenges, either for least developed areas with a minimum of resources available, either at a country-scale to manage massive green areas (agriculture &/or forestry).

Our Partners

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