Trials on olive trees near Marrakech

Our team has set up a trial on olive trees aged 4 and 12 years, supplied with groundwater that we must search for increasingly deeper and which is becoming increasingly saline. The stakes are vital for Morocco, which is suffering from its sixth consecutive year of drought, particularly in Marrakech where temperatures reached over 50°C last summer. We are very confident in the results we will obtain at harvest in October because our experiments have always been very conclusive on fruit trees!

Test in progress at NEOM fields (KSA)

We have the immense honor of being selected by NEOM, this grand and futuristic project set to create the most ecological and technological city of the 21st century, with the goal of enabling greater crop yields with less water. Controlled trials overseen by the world's leading agronomists are currently underway in the TABUK region. If all goes well, we should have the privilege of testing our injection tool for seeded crops or the first machine we have designed to rehydrate trees.

Raincatcher is ECO-FRIENDLY @ICBA

We commissioned a three-year study from the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA - Dubai) to confirm that Raincatcher is environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic. Scientifically validated results, unique in the world of hydrogel technology, have shown that it is non-toxic to microorganisms, roots, leaves, or fruits, and it even promotes biomass regeneration in the soil. Furthermore, Raincatcher has biodegraded by 50 to 60% in Dubai's sand after 3 years.

Valerian yields : an astonishing + 80%

Valerian is no exception to the rule of spectacular yield increases under the influence of Raincatcher. This experiment conducted in the Kyrgyz Republic and overseen by a National Agronomic Center has demonstrated the possibility of cultivating over 80% valerian roots with a 60% water stress. This is truly a revolution for this small republic that primarily relies on its agriculture. Soon, we will be able to mechanize sowing operations with Raincatcher for most Kyrgyz crops!

Alfalfa yields increased with 50% less water

We regularly conduct experiments with the prestigious International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA - Dubai), and we have just received an official report that validates an increase in Water Productivity with Raincatcher: "According to the study, although the water requirement of alfalfa decreased, the control group’s water productivity declined by 27%. However, the water productivity of alfalfa increased by 13% to 23% when treated with Raincatcher hydrogel, even with a 50% decrease in water supply."

Results on Barley - Central Asia

A new trial confirms Raincatcher's performance on cereals. An experiment conducted under the supervision of the Agronomic Center of the Kyrgyz Republic demonstrated a 37% increase in yields for dryland barley in a temperate continental climate (water stress around 60%). Raincatcher was uniformly applied to a 1-hectare plot using a spreader and then buried at a depth of 25 cm through plowing. We look forward to repeating the operation with our revolutionary tool that will enable Raincatcher application on seeding lines.