The RAINCATCHER® Super Solution consists of creating synergies with innovative systems for saving water. The synergies that we put in place are directly linked to the spirit of our company. We believe that the association of all the ideas, the addition of the aforementioned “bricks”, and the combination of several efficient systems allow effective and individually tailored response to different challenges.



Here are some synergies that we are in the process of constructing; others will emerge in the following months.


A recently developed Water Tech consists of capturing the water present in the air by condensation. The weak point of this innovation is its high energy consumption compared to its performance in condensed water. For the moment, such systems can be used to supply water to a military battalion that would operate in a desert area, but the water yields do not allow a sustainable cropping to be maintained in an arid area.

By combining this system with RAINCATCHER®, which saves on average between 70-80% of water, we can begin to design the establishment of ecosystems in some of the world’s most isolated areas.


Our experiments conducted with the I.C.B.A were monitored through an online data transmission system.

Through a dedicated Internet portal, we are able to monitor in real time the percentage of humidity in the soil where the palm trees were tested.
For example, here is the status of the control palm trees watered every day:
at any time, we can control the humidity level under the roots of the tree and therefore trigger the drip irrigation system at the optimum time.

This dematerialized technology has also enabled us to understand the objective water savings under RAINCATCHER®. Knowing that the relative humidity should not drop below the 8% limit, it was easy for us to understand when to drip irrigate the palm trees that benefit from our Technology.

This visual information is very useful and is an additional component of our solution, enabling us to optimize water management even more. It is at the origin a unique, revolutionary project to half the quantity of desalinated water currently used for agriculture in U.A.E. named the REMOTE CONTROL CENTER


Responding to the challenges of global warming is a global issue where all countries are involved without having yet identified THE effective solution to manage and optimize water resources.

As usual, the Emirates are still the leaders of innovative solutions. For them, we are setting up the country’s first Global Irrigation Control Centre.
This Super Solution consists of treating all palm trees farms with the RAINCATCHER® Solution and installing sensors to establish an automatic link with a computer which will allow the triggering of the irrigation as soon as the critical thresholds are reached, combined with a control centre for monitoring all information and any alarms.

This Super Solution will serve as a reference to demonstrate to the whole world that it is possible to control digitized information in order to manage each drop of water that must be used to irrigate a plant.

The operational management of such an organization is based on:


The RCB140 is a rudimentary tool specifically designed for subsistence farming. Ease of use and precision are its two main strengths. Simple and effective, it optimises the effects of the RAINCATCHER solution by bringing under the plant the exact quantity of water necessary for its development. It maximises the root mass, and therefore significantly increases crops yields, by concentrating moisture deep under the roots. To best support the different types of crops and soils, several models are possible.

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